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Welcome to Inner Wisdom Expressive Arts and Counselling.

I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and Certified Expressive Arts Therapist.

I can help you to feel:


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Need help with trauma, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, or grief?

Hello there! I’m Tracey and I’m super passionate about helping you live a life where you are joyful to get out of bed and live life to the fullest. I’m here to help you connect to your heart-mind-body, create a life of purpose, get relief from the demands of life, and find greater happiness within.

You are in the right place if you are:

  • Dissatisfied with your ability to cope with life’s many demands
  • Feeling scared and alone in the face of anxiety or depression…and are looking for an alternative or add-on to medication
  • Have experienced trauma, PTSD, or a disconnection from your body
  • Need help mending your heart due to grief, loss or bereavement
  • Wanting to tune into your body and want to find healing on a kinesthetic level?
  • Have tried other talk methods of therapy that didn’t resolve your complaints?


Tracey Gramm - Surrey Counsellor
Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists


I work with women of all ages, helping clients who are suffering from anxiety, stress, trauma/PTSD and loss. We may use the arts in a session, but my therapy sessions also involve talk therapy where you are truly heard and deeply supported. You may not know who to turn to, how to find freedom from your pain, or where to find the answers you seek. Either way, I want to help. My passion is bringing others to a place where they realize they do have the strength to interpret, and resolve life’s challenges, overwhelming demands, and emotional disturbances. I most enjoy helping you to get underneath what you are unable to express through just words and digging deeper to help you express your deepest pain, disappointments and trauma.


I use a variety of modalities and techniques based upon what will fit best for your needs. All of the types of counsellling that I use are client-centered – my aim is to give you a ‘safe space’ where you are heard and accepted. Ultimately, the answers to your life’s concerns, fears, depressions and traumas are contained within you. My role is to help you learn to use your intuition – your inner wisdom (if you will) – so you can begin to heal from what’s bothering you. I believe that people already have within them much of what is needed… its my job to help you find it. You are your own expert on yourself – no one knows you better than you do. Collaboratively, I work with you and for you to help you uncover the solutions that will make a difference in your life.


Working with a counsellor that truly listens to you and walks with you on your difficult journey helps to further the development of healing and processing old wounds. We go through the therapeutic process as a team, building a relationship based on trust, mutual purpose, understanding and respect. The goal of my presence is to provide you with an environment that instills calmness and confidence, helping to empower you to reach your highest potential.


When you are heard, you can begin to heal. To get to this point, you (as the client) need to be able to express yourself freely, without judgement. And, without relying on external advice. My role as a therapist is to help you uncover emotions, sensations, habits, mannerisms and beliefs that go unnoticed through life’s journey – whether good or bad. Believe me: we all have them. To heal properly, it’s important to first find these truths about ourselves, so that we can work with releasing those that block our progress. Then, with continual effort, we can begin to live happily, and freely – the way we should.

Services include:

Anxiety Counselling
Trauma + PTSD Counselling

Stress Management Counselling
Depression Counselling
Bipolar Disorder Counselling
Chronic Pain Counselling
Grief and Loss Counselling
Self Esteem Counselling

Creativity Counselling
Eating Disorders Counselling
Infertility Counselling
Women’s Issues Counselling
Life Transitions Counselling
Heart Math Biofeedback

Serving Surrey, South Surrey, White Rock and Langley

Ready to meet me as your Surrey counsellor? I’m eager to help!


If you’re considering therapy or Expressive Arts Therapy in Surrey,  I’m happy to help. I also provide counselling services in anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, stress management, chronic pain and self-esteem in South Surrey, White Rock, or Langley (or the Fraser Valley). I am also available remotely if you’re from another city, or willing to travel. I invite you to get in touch, so we can get to know each other. There’s no commitment, and no obligation imposed on you by calling. We can talk, and find out if we’re a fit to work together!


Choosing the right therapist for you is important. You can feel free to ask me the questions you want to know about your situation, or my services. All ages and levels of art making are welcome.


Contact me for more information today:
(778) 389-9234 or

“Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.”

Marianne Williamson

anxiety counselling surrey


I teach you to break the pattern of worry, panic and phobias.

- - - - - - - - - -

Feeding anxiety creates a habit – break free from the pressure, perfectionism and cycle of overcare ! I help you release painful thoughts and emotions that spiral out of control. Learn to shift attention from anxiety to gratitude and to reconnect to the heart. You can feel calmer and more in control, and experience more hope and joy in your life. Anxiety counselling helps to restore resiliency and flexibility. Find more peace with therapy for anxiety.

surrey trauma counselling


I help you get in tune with your senses to release trauma.

- - - - - - - - - -

With the help of focusing oriented art therapy, I help you release physical, mental and emotional burdens from trauma.. Reconnect to your inner wisdom essence and access the body’s wisdom. Trauma informed counselling provides relief and hope by befriending the body and resetting the nervous system after encounters with stress. Move out of a stuck place and back to balance and equilibrium with trauma therapy.

biofeedback surrey


I help you transform stress with the science of the heart, Heart Math Biofeedback and stress counselling.


Many health problems are related to stress. Relieve every day tensions, adrenal fatigue, burn out and chronic illness through the use of technology to enhance mind/body connections. I teach you to manage your stress, better control emotions, balance health, recover from illness and improve performance. Learn easy to use techniques you can practice on your own to reduce the impact of stress through the healing power of the heart.

“It is Tracey’s incredible intuition, ability to listen and empathize with people; her sincere desire to help people realize their greatest potential and her genuine passion for the arts that makes her special. It is without hesitation that I recommend Tracey.”

Sarah Couture, Vancouver BC

“I have worked with Tracey, both online and at her office space. I find our focusing and expressive arts sessions to be extremely interesting and they always create surprising insights into areas of my life where I feel stuck and unproductive. Tracey is committed and very supportive. She is intuitive and flexible in whatever form our sessions take, creating it so it really works for me. I highly recommend her gentle approach when you are ready to move forward in your life.”

Karen Robinson, Victoria BC

“I participated in an expressive arts therapy workshop with Tracey and really enjoyed it. I had never experienced this type of therapy before and Tracey led me through the practices with gentleness, understanding and clear guidance. I felt very safe and supported throughout the whole process and would highly recommend her and her services ♥”

Candise Wilde, Langley BC

What My Clients Are Saying About My Workshops

“I recently had the pleasure of attending Tracey’s Intro to Expressive Arts Workshop, and found the experience to be thoroughly enjoyable. Tracey has a sensitive, fun, and supportive approach to instructing, and I found myself feeling both nurtured and inspired by her presence. The art projects themselves were varied and gave the opportunity to express different parts of myself through different mediums. I enjoyed the sensory experiences of all the different approaches, including the music, movement, art tools, sharing with other women, and the baked treats! I would highly recommend people work with Tracey and know they will feel both inspired and supported by the welcoming environment she provides. I’m looking forward to the next workshop!””
~JENNY BROWN, New Westminster BC


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Contact me at your convenience for a complimentary 15 minute phone information session to see if we are a good fit (no obligation, really!!). I am happy to answer any questions, and to discuss how I can help you. To schedule an appointment, call (778) 389-9234.

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