The Therapist Who Saved My Life
May 20, 2015 – Ella Wilson @

Ella Wilson writes about her personal experiences with depression, and the surprising liberation found in the care of an art therapist.


Magic Lessons Podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of “Big Magic”, a book on Creativity


Art as Therapy: Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama 

I was re-introduced to this amazing artist who turns difficulties into blessings with her outlandish but amazing art. Now approaching 90 years of age, she diligently commits time on a daily basis to making art and her art is not only creative and wacky, but gives a glimpse into the state of her mental world.

Uniquely patterned and obsessive in detail, she uses art her art as a form of therapy, integrating polka dots everywhere. Art therapy helps her to cope with the hallucinations that form the inspiration of her art.

See more details here in this video: