Expressive Arts Workshops

Registration at our workshops is limited to ensure plenty of individualized attention. Contact me to find out more about how we can bring a workshop to you, and ask about the special rates that we offer our hosts.

Special arrangements can be made for persons with low incomes.

All workshops include the cost of supplies.

Introduction to Expressive Arts Workshop
3 hours – On sale $45 (Regular priced – $60)

Learn more about this up and coming body of work where we delve into a variety of arts mediums, including creative writing, journaling, visual arts and fun games that challenge the imagination and foster a sense of creativity.  Join me as we investigating the depths of the subconscious and serve to uncover our inner wisdom through integrative healing and arts exploration. Express yourself, grow through greater awareness, creativity and imagination through the practice of various EXA exercises. The Expressive Arts encourages learning, healing and understanding by making the unconscious conscious, incorporating playfulness, curiosity and exploration through the many realms of the arts. Engage in painting, drawing, poetry, movement, gesture, and creative writing in this innovative workshop.

Date: Saturday October 12, 2019
Where: Cloverdale

Space is limited, registration is required. Please contact Tracey at to save and reserve your spot.

Self-love Arts Workshop
3 hours – $45

Self-love is something that we are often not taught in school. Learn more about how to open up to that space of self-compassion and love, where you are given the opportunity to unravel the voice of the inner critic. Instead, this workshop helps to address the voice of your loving guide – the angel on your shoulder who looks out for you and wishes only the best for you. Discovering this voice and encouraging its presence helps to soften the way we view our life, and guide you towards a more positive outlook.


Opening your Heart Arts Workshop
3 hours – $45

An open heart is a gift; so many of us have been broken or traumatized by life’s challenges, and as a result have closed off our hearts to the world. An open heart allows us to care more deeply for ourselves and others, to give back to our community and to be connected to our hearts desires and dreams. This workshop will explore how we can move from a disconnected heart to a more spacious heart that is capable of greater love and more authentic relationships.



Creating Community Arts Workshop
3 hrs – $45

Community is learning to work together collaboratively as a group, building upon differences and finding common ground. This workshop serves to assist individuals to work as a team and find ways to integrate healing by merging ideas and playing off of one another as you create shared pieces of large format artwork in a synergistic and collective manner.



Celebrating with Gratitude Arts Workshop
3 hrs – $45

Finding ways to appreciate what we have instead of complaining about what we don’t have is a great start to manifesting our dreams and desires. In this workshop, we will create a gratitude jar and a gratitude tree, providing you with the opportunity to express deep gratefulness for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon you. Ideal for those who are experiencing hardships and are struggling to find the life lesson in the difficulties.


Trauma + Anxiety Arts Workshop
10 weeks x 2hrs each – offered to agencies as Workshop Series
This workshop could be offered as a stand-alone weekend workshop as well (inquire if interested).

This workshop was first offered as part of a series for a women’s group. Participants with trauma and/or anxiety were the clientele, and so these workshops have been tailored to this population. We have all been touched by different levels of trauma in our lives. Trauma affects us all in various ways, either vicariously or through personal experience or secondary trauma. This workshop serves to gently guide participants through the process of exploring ways to make friends with anxiety and trauma, learning to cope with internal challenges and related stressors of the past and present. Exercises help build resilience and to access healing through creativity and the imagination.


Creativity Exploration Art Workshop



Unblock your creativity and explore your creative side. For those of you who are inspired to create and want to find the artist within. Loosen up with various creative exercises geared towards self expression and invoking your latent imagination.