expressive arts therapy surrey langley

The Benefits of Art

Art Creation can help with such issues as:

  • trauma
  • anxiety and depression
  • chronic pain
  • illness
  • infertility
  • loss or grief
  • stress
  • career decision making
  • goal setting
  • art expression and authenticity
  • exploring creativity
  • getting clear on your purpose
  • examine themes in your business
  • connecting to your heart
  • unite with your inner wisdom

Benefits of Expressive Arts Therapy:

  • find a space of resilience within yourself
  • learn to cope with life’s challenges
  • release and change old patterns, thoughts and behaviours
  • access your imagination in order to heal yourself
  • tune into your intuition
  • connect with your creativity
  • release trauma and pain
  • find greater joy and peace within
  • increase compassion for self and others
  • release emotions and feelings that have been repressed
  • find greater relaxation and ability to soften and ‘unwind’