When I first trained to become a career counsellor, I took an online career assessment through www.careercruising.com called Matchmaker. It’s a fun little multiple choice assessment that evaluates your likes and dislikes for various tasks or work environments. I recently took it a second time, and found that my selections strayed more towards a leadership role, and less administrative in nature. Although there were some consistencies amongst both attempts, it was interesting to take it four years later and to see how accurate it is in my life.

This time, I received the following career suggestions:

Career Counsellor
Organizational Psychologist
Director of Photography
Career Coach
Art/Music Therapist
Addictions Counsellor
Desktop Publisher
Child and Youth (Community) Worker
Psychiatric Aide
School counsellor
Marriage and Family therapist
Graphic Designer

What was interesting to note was that I have already been a Career Counsellor, a Desktop Publisher, a Graphic Designer and a Community Worker in my past careers. Even more enlightening, and to my delight, was the realization that my current position as a Career Coach was highlighted as a good career choice, AND even better, my interest in moving towards a new career as an Expressive Arts Therapist was also represented in the “Art/Music Therapist” as a fitting and appropriate career in alignment with my preferences. A bonus was the Artist profile, which is my dream in my heart of hearts, to develop visually as a Mixed Media Artist.

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