expressive arts therapy surrey langley

Code of Conduct for Group Sessions

We set up guidelines for behaviour and rules or protocols to ensure all participants are on the same page and that we are in agreement about how to treat ourselves and others in the workshop. We establish these guidelines during the first session and participants are frequently reminded of the commitment we make to one another. Below is a list of honorable intentions to start off with when starting the group work.

  • accept me for who I am
  • let me speak without interruptions
  • don’t put people on the spot
  • take turns speaking
  • share within your comfort zone
  • challenge yourself
  • respects other’s differences
  • cultivate an attitude of curiosity
  • share openly and freely
  • soothe and breathe deeply
  • ask for what you need
  • be honest and true to yourself
  • be considerate of other’s feelings
  • no judgements of others and their stories
  • create a space to relax and just be you
  • let go of the fear of not doing it right
  • no interpretation of other’s work