As a child, I delighted in receiving a new coloring book. I did not matter what the content was… I simply loving adding swashes of watercolour, pencil crayon and crayon to black and white scenes on a page.

Now there is a coloring book for adults by Johanna Basford called “Secret Garden”. Trained as a commercial artist, she realized the value of unwinding and de-stressing through art. In coloring, we enter a meditative state that promotes healing and is a channel for healing mind, body and spirit. Armed with color, Johanna’s coloring book expands your creativity, encourages self expression, and relaxes as it soothes away the day. I bought this book and really zoned out, forgetting about my worries and lifting my spirits. I felt it brought out my intuitive side, so that my mind could work through challenges while I was bringing the drawing to life. This book reminds me of a part of my life that was carefree, when I was happy-go-lucky and unencumbered by the demands of work, family and a mortgage.


For more info on Johanna Basford, visit – Ink Evangelist.


Another artist that I found who creates adult coloring books is Peter Draws.

His website is

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