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Tracey's facilitation skills in our career counselling workshop were excellent. Her ability to impart knowledge in an educational manner as well as keeping the various sessions interesting, highly interactive and very educational was simply amazing. She was very aware of each of the participants needs and catered to each with a very personal and effective approach. She was well prepared for each session, delivered course content clearly, adapted as the need arose, and used inspirational examples. Well organized, professional, pleasant, kind, courteous, respectful and very competent as a counsellor. It is a pleasure and an honor to have worked with Tracey

Gail A


Tracey, thank you. Thank you for going out of your way, helping after hours and motivating me to persevere. Thank you for actually making me feel special, with individual needs instead of making me feel like another head in the herd. You broke through my own personal bubble, allowing me to open up as you led me to resources that were a perfect fit for me. That is no small achievement. I am writing you because I truly, with all sincerity, appreciate what you have done for me. By treating me with care and consideration, you have inspired and helped me to find my own direction and purpose. For the first time, I can remember a future that is filled with possibilities and excitement

Richard F


Tracey demonstrated excellent facilitation skills in assisting her clients. She keeps up-to-date information and included humour as a means of lightening up content for her groups. She met individually with clients and provided one-on-one and group counselling. She was able to work with a variety of clients and was well liked by them. She was very patient, considerate and comments in evaluations of her programs included: "being respectful, helpful, understanding and inspiring." Tracey will go the extra mile for her clients and keep in touch with them to encourage them to follow through on their action plans. She handles pressure very well as our programs are very busy. She is a team player and is quick to take initiative. I have no hesitation in recommending Tracey as she is dedicated and always gives her best

Carolyn R

White Rock

The career counselling role for our office is an extremely challenging one, as we expect our counsellors to be well rounded in knowledge base - from career planning, to work search, to life skills. Tracey was highly adaptive to the needs of our clients. I was most impressed with her ability to adapt to our fast paced environment. Easy going and pleasant in disposition, she was ablet o handle a demanding workload due to high volume of clients. Tracey works hard to meet the needs of her clients, the community and our team

Susan D

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