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Creative Philosophy

We are ALL innately creative.

Whether we paint a masterpiece, craft a gourmet meal or decorate the perfect house, we all have this gift, deep within us. Being creative is healing and transformative. Personal growth and higher states of consciousness are possible through our artwork as we unleash our potential and strive to be our very best.

Remember that you are here on this planet to play, have fun, to experiment, to learn about yourself.

Honor your personal journey and where you are today. There is no right or wrong way to do any of this work. However you experience it, is the way you’re supposed to.

Allow yourself to make art without the heavy voice of your inner critic. Let go of your inhibitions, your limiting rules, society’s expectations. Let go of the interference of your mind. Let go of any resistance. Let go of trying to be someone you’re not. Let go of trying to impress the neighbors. As you let go of all you think you know, come to trust the process; trust the journey and allow it to unfold naturally. The voice of fear fades into the background and our own greatest knowing steps forward as your voice becomes louder and clearer.

The more you do this work, the more you will tune into your internal guidance system. That’s the voice that you want to listen to. Trust your inner knowing, that voice that whispers in your ear and resonates in your gut. Keep listening. Bring your awareness inward. Let down your guard and prepare to let your emotions speak through your art. Our emotions, both the negative and the positive are what makes us whole, they are part of us, and must be felt in order to gain a greater sense of self awareness. Accept joy and discomfort as it comes into your life, weave your own authentic story that serves you in the present and create your desired future.

Remember that the more you do this kind of work, the more you create time and space in your life for art, the easier it will get. Remember it takes practice. Try something new, surprise yourself. Give yourself time. There is no falling behind.

Everything is working in perfect order.

Be gentle and practice extreme self-love. Be compassionate with yourself and allow yourself to create freely. It is safe to make mistakes. You are safe. You are good enough, you are supported. You are cherished. You are deeply loved. And so it is.