I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop on Procrastination by Ranka Burzan and have to tell you – I thought I didn’t suffer from this affliction. I was so sure of myself that I was not guilty of such an offense. Admittedly, I almost didn’t go because I figured I was immune. But curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to chance it.

And I’m glad I did –the workshop was enlightening! We looked at what we are doing to avoid productivity, and what price we are paying in terms of our health, finances, relationships, etc. For example, having an organized home leads to an organized mind, more productivity, less stress and ultimately a better quality of life.

One lesson I will take with me is the realization that I expect tasks to take double the amount of time than they actually do. I learned that if I just dedicated 10 minutes a day to something, I would make progress over time without even trying. This applies to my exercise regime such as lifting weights for 10 minutes every other day. Other suggestions, such as waking up earlier fell on deaf ears, as I like my sleep and am not a morning person.

So taking advice from our fearless workshop leader, I decided to start small…I started creating little pieces of art to gift to strangers, which I will delve into in my next post. Stay tuned!

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