Upcoming Expressive Arts Workshops

Kids Create! – Expressive Arts Therapy Introduction for Kids
A Workshop Collaboration with Expressive Arts Therapist Jen Sneller!
A workshop for kids on being your true self using the arts, Ages 6-13.

Date: Sunday April 26 from 2-4pm
Location: Surrey Museum, 17710 56a Ave in Cloverdale.

$45 per child for 2 hours

Engage in drawing, creative writing, gesture, movement and voice in this innovative introductory workshop.

Give your child a safe space to express themselves and get in touch with their creativity! We provide the arena for your child to have fun and discover their inner world. Children will be introduced to a wide range of artmaking activities and techniques by trying out cool arts modalities on individual and shared projects. Have fun, explore and try new arts activities! Join us for a fun and imaginative experience!

No previous art experience required. Supplies and snacks will be provided.

Please email tgramm@gmail.com to register.


yoga self love expressive arts workshop

Yoga + Expressive Arts Event in Langley with Holistic Fit – May 2 2020

3.5 hours – $40 each or $60 for two participants

In this event I am teaming up with Holistic Fit’s Candise Wilde to bring you an experience that combines Yoga and Expressive Arts, that will take you on a creative and therapeutic adventure!! We will be focusing on the theme of Self-Love and Self-Compassion, being gentle with yourself and nurturing a sense of deep appreciation for oneself, exactly as we are in this present moment.

Self-love is the act of learning to love ourselves -to develop an inner self-compassionate, nurturing and loving voice, particularly in times of life’s challenges. Learn more about how to open up to that space of love and create opportunities to unravel the voice of the inner critic. This workshop helps to nurture a sense of interconnection, abundance and a gentle, kind presence in our hearts. Discover ways to guide you towards a more positive outlook of yourself.

Expressive Arts includes the full realm of the arts, including creative writing, movement, visual arts and painting. We connect to our hearts through an exploration of these art modalities and seek loving surprises, innovation and the uncovering of our inner resilience. Come prepared to release old wounds and find inner peace through this process of personal inquiry. Join us for an integrative workshop for body, mind and spirit.

No artistic experience required, just Good Vibes a smile and open heart. Supplies and aprons provided. Men and women welcome! Spaces limited to 10 for this event.

Registration by email required. Please contact me at tgramm@gmail.com to be put on a waiting list if interested.


Introduction to Expressive Arts Workshop

group expressive arts - introductionti

Price: On sale $45 (Regular priced – $60)
Date: June 2020
Where: Cloverdale – near Elements Casino

Learn more about this up and coming body of work where we delve into a variety of arts mediums, including creative writing, journaling, visual arts and fun games that challenge the imagination and foster a sense of creativity.  Join me as we investigating the depths of the subconscious and serve to uncover our inner wisdom through integrative healing and arts exploration. Express yourself, grow through greater awareness, creativity and imagination through the practice of various ExAT exercises. The Expressive Arts encourages learning, healing and understanding by making the unconscious conscious, incorporating playfulness, curiosity and exploration through the many realms of the arts. Engage in painting, drawing, poetry, movement, gesture, and creative writing in this innovative workshop.

Space is limited, registration is required. Please contact Tracey at tgramm@gmail.com to save and reserve your spot.