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Inner Wisdom Expressive Arts and Counselling

I recently had the pleasure of attending Tracey’s Creativity Exploration Workshop, and found the experience to be thoroughly enjoyable. Tracey has a sensitive, fun, and supportive approach to instructing, and I found myself feeling both nurtured and inspired by her presence. The art projects themselves were varied and gave the opportunity to express different parts of myself through different mediums. I enjoyed the sensory experiences of all the different approaches, including the music, movement, art tools, sharing with other women, and the baked treats! I would highly recommend people work with Tracey and know they will feel both inspired and supported by the welcoming environment she provides. I’m looking forward to the next workshop!

Jenny B

New Westminster, BC

Tracey creates a relaxing and healing atmosphere that encourages free exploration of various themes within adaptable exercises. She is very good at holding space for her clients and validating both their emotional journey and creative works. I did not expect to encounter so much synchronicity. I left each session feeling a powerful sense of completion through both the tangible creative work itself, and the insights I was able to gain from that artwork. It’s been so powerful and healing. Outstanding class!


White Rock, BC

I participated in an expressive arts therapy workshop with Tracey and really enjoyed it. I had never experienced this type of therapy before and Tracey led me through the practices with gentleness, understanding and clear guidance. I felt very safe and supported throughout the whole process and would highly recommend her and her services.


W, Langley, BC

Tracey creates an excellent environment and opportunity to explore various ideas and art mediums. I encountered many surprise and insights while we spent the afternoon “playing”. What a great experience!

Karen R

White Rock, BC

This workshop allowed me to completely relax and focus on enjoying the experience. I found myself to have a lot more creativity than I expected. I enjoyed the discussions about our creations and was surprised by the outcome – inspired play.

Linda C

White Rock, BC

I found the workshop beneficial and inspiring. Tracey provided a creative, safe space for sharing, creating and expressing our thoughts and feelings through art. We are all blessed to have learned about ourselves through creative expression. Thanks so very much. Wonderful workshop series!


White Rock, BC

Thank you very much for your hard work that you have put into preparation for each class; very thoughtful, very thorough and very helpful for us all. Thank you so much the most for your desire to help us heal, for your thoughtfulness, for your kind caring heart, and for your wonderful gift of creativity.With appreciation.


White Rock, BC

I attended two workshops and found both Tracey and the activities she had us do absolutely compelling. I feel I am a very self-aware person, but what a delight to discover that Tracey found ways to open me up even further. How “nice” to be surprised! She is kind, approachable, smart, and non-judgmental—and oh-so skilled at what she does. I look forward to future “issues” as that would mean I can spend more time with her in the healing shade of her passion for healing and people.

Marilyn H

Cloverdale, BC

Tracey’s facilitation skills in our career counselling workshop were excellent. Her ability to impart knowledge in an educational manner as well as keeping the various sessions interesting, highly interactive and very educational was simply amazing. She was very aware of each of the participants needs and catered to each with a very personal and effective approach. She was well prepared for each session, delivered course content clearly, adapted as the need arose, and used inspirational examples. Well organized, professional, pleasant, kind, courteous, respectful and very competent as a counsellor. It is a pleasure and an honor to have worked with Tracey.

Gail A


It is Tracey’s incredibly intuition, ability to listen and empathize with people, her sincere desire to help people realize their greatest potential, and her genuine artistic talent that make her amazing. It is without hesitation that I recommend Tracey.

Sarah C

Vancouver, BC

Tracey is very creative and this comes through in her workshop. The activities opened up my own inner creativity and vision – it helped to address life’s present concerns and be present, in the moment. It was a lot of fun too!
Thanks Tracey!

Sasha M

White Rock, BC

In appreciation for this incredible Expressive Arts Group. Amazing growth week by week. I enjoyed everything we experienced together on our unique paths. Thank you!


White Rock, BC

You are the greatest! What a terrific class. One of the best classes I have ever participated in. You made art and creativity a therapy of healing. Thank you!


White Rock, BC

In the past, I’ve struggled with getting in touch with some inner feelings. Participating in Tracey’s Expressive Arts program allowed me to revisit and work through feelings from that time. I feel so blessed to have an opportunity to take two of your workshops. I would definitely join another workshop in the future!


White Rock, BC

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Its been a pleasure getting to know you better and you have really taught me how to express myself. You’ve helped me make my heart whole.


White Rock, BC

Tracey has a lovely, warm, unhurried but focused manner that puts everyone at ease, always offering choices so no one feels pressured to share outside their comfort zone.


White Rock, BC

Tracey is such a warm, nurturing, inviting soul. I felt so comfortable and enjoyed being a part of the group. I would recommend to anyone interested in taking a few hours to look inside, clear your mind and maybe release some parts of you that you hold too tight. Thanks!


White Rock, BC
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