Leafing through an old “O” or the Oprah Magazine, I read an article that inspired me. It showcases Melissa Rioux, Manager of Publicolor, an organization that creates art-based programs to help at risk kids engage with their schools and their community. She oversees COLOR Club, an intensive yearlong curriculum, offering academic, tutoring, career workshops, and weekly painting projects that transform schools with vibrant color.

The statistics are staggering. 94% of Publicolor’s students, 97% of whom are minorities, graduated on time last year. This compared to 58% at their schools. What I love about this program is that the students learn strong, marketable job skills that are transferable to school, work and life.

What would the world be like if students were prepared for the challenges of life? In Melissa Rioux’s world, she is making a difference in kids’ lives, through art.

To learn more, visit http://www.publicolor.org for more info.

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