Online Sessions in Expressive Arts Therapy and Counselling

So you’re miles away and unable to transit to Surrey for a session with me. Or you are living in another country or a remote area. Perhaps you have mobility issues or are a senior. Sometimes its not practical or accessible to meet in person. Don’t let that stop you!

I can help you to connect with me via Skype or Zoom session so you can still receive professional Expressive Arts Therapy and Counselling, right from the convenience, comfort and ease of your own home… without the commute and stress of having to get organized and physically out of the house.

You can receive all the benefits of a private session without ever having to leave your home. Avoid the traffic, avoid troublesome scheduling and avoid the inconvenience of even getting changed out of your PJs. Great for those last minute scheduled appointments and emergency counselling sessions, or for times when you are on vacation but can log in remotely on your ipad or laptop.

Skype or Zoom sessions are an easy and adaptable way to get in your session when you are unable to make it in person. Online sessions follow the same format as traditional counselling sessions.

Simply purchase or have on hand some basic art supplies such as kraft paper, oil pastels, and pencils. Even pencil crayons or crayons will do! We can modify sessions accordingly to accommodate your needs.

Online sessions are available during the week, evenings and weekend.

Skype ID: tracey.gramm

“I have been working with Tracey for over a year now. Tracey works in a very intuitive way. I always felt very safe with her and in a warm and loving place. She really helped me dive deeper into topics that I had explored years ago through talk therapy, but arts therapy provided a completely different approach that really gets to the root of the issue. I found knowledge in my intuition and in my subconscious. I worked with Tracey on the things that were holding me back. Some old issues came up and we also discovered some new ones that needed healing. This was exciting work and helped me on a creative level. Tracey was great at guiding me into my unconscious where I was able to connect to my inner child in a very playful, yet deep way. In the end, I found this to be as effective as talk therapy if not more and unlike talk therapy (which can make one anxious), this is more fun and exploratory.

Since I lived far away from Tracey, she suggested we do online counselling using Zoom. At first I was hesitant whether it would work, but I gave it a try and I was excited to find out that I felt close to Tracey; it was like being in the same room. I didn’t miss anything! Also this was my first experience with arts therapy and at first, I was worried whether I would be good at drawing, but in the end, it didn’t matter. Art is a product of my experience in the therapy and although I was quite proud of the works I created, I came to realize that technical proficiency wasn’t of importance. What a nice surprise! I have really enjoyed my sessions with Tracey and will continue working on myself with her help and guidance.”

~Tajana P., North Vancouver


Contact me for online zoom counselling at (778) 389-934 to today to get started.