I want…..
What do I want? Well, I want world peace, and gender equality and food&shelter for the homeless. On a less serious note, I also often want that last piece of chocolate cake, tulips on my kitchen table in the spring, or every green light on my way to work. Wanting is good for us, in my opinion. It helps us set goals that we can aspire to and guides us in the direction of a more fulfilling and satisfying life.
In my experience, I have made a commitment to explore my wants and needs in depth. In doing so, I find that I am more focussed, with a goal post to aspire to in the game of life.

So what do I really want? One of the central themes that has come out the process as a client, working with talented coaches and therapists … is that of making a personal contribution to society. I aspire to look deep within, identify my strengths and interests, and make a connection with something that fulfills my hearts desire – and in doing so, I wish to share my life experiences, knowings and insights with others who may benefit from my trials, tribulations and enlightened journey. Through the fire, coming out the other side of life’s mishaps and tests..I truly believe that challenges force us to find a sense of resiliency from the struggle and strive. And out of that fire, a phoenix arises with fortitude and perseverance, compassion and tender-heartedness. We find a light within us, a vision that motivates us to become better human beings.. or at least better able to cope with the challenges that we will inevitably face.

And it starts with intention and stating your desire.

For me, that inner inspiration that drives my soul and brings me immeasurable joy… is art. Or shall I say the arts. To be even more specific, expressive arts therapy. At once, multidimensional and varied, this field of psychology and counselling has opened me up to not only my inner wisdom, but also my latent desires, through clarification of inner thought process through exploration of the self. It is through surpassing self imposed barriers to creativity and overcoming the vicious and imposing fear of the inner critic that a new world has opened up to me. As a budding artist, I awoke to a fantasy… where I am an artist, a creator, a catalyst of creativity. I dream of one day spending all day working with and being immersed in the arts, not only making a living in the process but also living an enriched life of passion, purpose and inspiration. The freedom of thought and release from self inflicted judgement that I have found through this discipline has served to inspire me to try new things and given me self confidence that I can handle anything in the moment if I can be present and aware, mindful of my thought processes and body. Ambitious, yes, particularly as a beginner starting late in life -you might say that… I’m likely looking at a lifetime of adult education and progressive learning as this desire spirals and . Over time, my skill and technique has developed, despite the fears of failure and critical voice that over shadows each expression, thus illustrating one of my beliefs and cornerstones of thought. It may be a ‘pie in the sky’ perspective, an unreasonable assumption.. but I have lived my life according to this concept and state it with conviction. And it is… If you dream it, it will come. If you want it, claim it.. and it will be yours. You can do it… it starts with a single want, and quickly turns into an aspiration, which can be achieved with grace and ambition. As well as a little help from the universe when you put your mind to it and set out to design your world. And that my friends, is ground zero..starting at the beginning, with a simple wanting.

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