I currently provide individual Expressive Arts Therapy, Focusing Oriented Therapy and Counselling on a one-on-one basis in Cloverdale, Surrey. I also offer workshops in Expressive Arts Therapy in Surrey, Langley, White Rock and Delta. Please sign up for my newsletter to find out about the latest news and workshops.

If you should be interested in Expressive Arts workshops in your community, please contact me via phone at (778) 389-9234 to find out more. IF you wish to host an Expressive Arts Therapy workshop in your home (for a small group), I am happy to offer a free session for the host.

Service fees cover the cost of all art supplies.

anxiety counselling surrey


I teach you to break the pattern of worry, panic and phobias.

- - - - - - - - - -

Feeding anxiety creates a habit – break free from the pressure, perfectionism and cycle of overcare ! I help you release painful thoughts and emotions that spiral out of control. Learn to shift attention from anxiety to gratitude and to reconnect to the heart. You can feel calmer and more in control, and experience more hope and joy in your life. Anxiety counselling helps to restore resiliency and flexibility. Find more peace with therapy for anxiety.

surrey trauma counselling


I help you get in tune with your senses to release trauma.

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With the help of focusing oriented art therapy, I help you release physical, mental and emotional burdens from trauma.. Reconnect to your inner wisdom essence and access the body’s wisdom. Trauma informed counselling provides relief and hope by befriending the body and resetting the nervous system after encounters with stress. Move out of a stuck place and back to balance and equilibrium with trauma therapy.

biofeedback surrey


I help you transform stress with the science of the heart, Heart Math Biofeedback and stress counselling.


Many health problems are related to stress. Relieve every day tensions, adrenal fatigue, burn out and chronic illness through the use of technology to enhance mind/body connections. I teach you to manage your stress, better control emotions, balance health, recover from illness and improve performance. Learn easy to use techniques you can practice on your own to reduce the impact of stress through the healing power of the heart.