A darling friend of mine recommended a video series by Nanice on Spiritual Awakening. This is a weekly series over a period of 7 weeks, about an hour in duration, on waking up and becoming a more conscious being. It is not religious in nature, but instead takes on a spiritual tone, from a universal “we are one” perspective. The first of the series can be found here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N18Oy-RqFdU.

I found that there are parallels between her words of wisdom and my experience working with an Expressive Arts Therapist. Much of my practice over the past couple of years on my road to healing have revolved around letting go and allowing things to flow. When we bend and are flexible in the face of life’s challenges, we are more resilient and malleable to surprise happenings and daily stressors.

If there is one thing I have learned (and this has been reiterated by Nanice), it is to spend more time ‘being’ in the body and getting out of my head. In fact, we come to spiritual awakening in the body through the heart. Emotions teach us to listen and show us where we are asleep. The pain we experience will, if we let it, help us wake up and highlight where we have moved away from unity, harmony and balance. Pain has the ability to make us pay attention, and gives us clues to who we really are – particularly if we are able to sit in it long enough to figure it out (instead of being in deep resistance or covering it up with addictions, drugs or alcohol).

One interesting belief that I appreciated from this video, was Nanice’s philosophy that everything you are attracted to is attracted by our subconscious minds. This is not the first time I have heard this, but it is a powerful assumption that helps us connect to ourselves and also take responsibility for what shows up in our lives. Every thought and emotion vibrates at a certain level on a scale, and it is our thoughts that are the only thing we have control over.

Emotions are inner guidance system and are useful to indicate whether we’re going in right or wrong direction. We can consciously choose supportive thoughts if we watch them because as Nanice says “Thoughts are not things until you believe them”. They are only true if you make them so. The goal is to make the mind your servant, and you the master. However, this is easier said than done. Detaching from thoughts requires a process of letting go of thoughts that are destructive. A coach of mine would often ask me “who would you be if you let go of that story”. This can be challenging to let go of our stories and long held beliefs. At times I am in deep resistance and unwilling to release negative beliefs because I feel they are true! Meditation and deep breathing helps to clear the cobwebs and may position us with a clearer mind that, in time, may be willing to release judgements and feelings – by detaching from outcomes and releasing the need to be right.

When we are connected, it becomes easier to connect to our dreams, and we may feel creative and joyful, just because. This is my experience in working with an Expressive Arts therapist – feeling great for connecting the beauty of self. Connecting to the essence of who we are is important in the process of waking up.

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