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Stress Management Counselling in Surrey


In our day to day lives, stress is prevalent. We are bombarded by media, technology chores, daily activities, and routines that rob us of our vitality and strength. Many of us are lacking the essential coping skills needed for the times and today’s enslaught of commitments. Find release from stress with the help of biofeedback and stress management counselling and therapy.


Impacts of stress

Studies reveal that those affected and impacted by intense stress are significantly at risk for chronic illness, heart disease, anxiety and depression. Too much stress hurts us, both mentally and physically. It hinders our relationships and our job performance, it affects our peace of mind and quality of life. Our health is literally at stake and sometimes it feels like we’re spiraling out of control. From childcare restraints and technology imposing upon our lives, we find ourselves with little respite and lots to do on our “to do” list.

Stress affects us in differently ways though – some people thrive on a fast paced life, while others require more downtime and peace and quiet. When we are overburdened with stress, we get out of balance and disconnect from the body and ourselves. Stress manifests as aches, pains, lowered creativity and declining clairity – and eventually chronic disease if left unchecked. It can leave us feeling out of control and untethered in a sea of busy-ness! You accumulate stress when you don’t resolve feelings of stress and carry them around like extra baggage. These emotions and feelings may be hard to control or understand – what are they trying to tell us? The end result is a cascade of feelings, from fear, irritation, anger, to sadness, loneliness or guilt.


Acknowledging our stress

Let’s face it – we as humans don’t like to acknowledge our feelings! We may not like to admit we feel bad or that we’re hurting. We would rather suppress it and carry on with our lives, or hide from it. Sometimes we take it out on the ones we love. We cope with stress in unhealthy ways, from overeating to smoking to alcohol abuse. But there are better ways to manage our stress!


Finding help with stress management biofeedback therapy and counselling

You can stop the cycle of stress and find greater peace of mind. It is possible to transform stress into healthy, positive feelings. Through the power of the heart, we can transform stress into greater insight, creativity and increased energy. Biofeedback can help you to stop emotional energy drains, release perfectionism, gain vitality and take charge of your life. With each HeartMath tool you learn, you can empower yourself to have more positive feelings in your daily life, as compared to negative feelings, overwhelm and overload. Through stress management counselling and biofeedback, I help you to get back your authentic self, your natural state of healing and your creative intelligence. This leaves you free to connect to your own intuition, your self-respect and you ability to connect to feelings of kindness, warmth and appreciation.

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