Counselling Philosophy


My philosophy with regards to counselling and expressive arts is based upon a strength-based approach, influenced by appreciative curiosity, an orientation focused on processes, and solution focused therapy. My role as a therapist is to provide a gentle presence, supportive listening and flexibility so you can find peace in letting go and in opening the heart.


Counselling and expressive arts is a way of facilitating growth, healing, learning and change in yourself. My guiding belief and principle is that we each have unique gifts and challenges that we bring to the table. I recognize that those gifts and resources is what you makes you special, instead of focusing on labels, categories or weaknesses. We avoid making judgements of good vs bad, right vs wrong and instead explore what art does to us instead of making interpretations of meaning or rationales of creation.



Focused on solutions and your strengths

I have an inherent trust that people are capable of identifying and addressing their own concerns through a process of discovery and creating a therapeutic environment that allows clients to take a participatory approach and ownership for their own development. Thus the inspiration of my business name, Inner Wisdom. With on a focus on collaboration, I focus on your positive aspects, including your potential for growth and change. It is more so about utilizing the skills and talents of each individual and cultivating your natural abilities instead of focusing on what is not working for you.


This involves the verbal portion of discussion and sharing, discovering what works for you in your own way, imagining ideal situations and being adaptive to changing environments in the face of surprises and the unexpected. In alignment with appreciative inquiry, I feel that it is important for clients to think positively about the future in order to evoke positive change. Improvement is possible when one focuses on creating positive beliefs about oneself, others and the future.


We each create our own stories through individual perception and narration. I believe that the language and beliefs we use play a central role in constructing our reality. Problems arise when the imagination is met with limitations, and this reduction in play space can be overcome with a nurturing and expansion of the imagination. Change requires imagination and creativity, both of which are needed to envision a different or alternative future for us to live into. I invite you to find an appreciation of your internal and external resources, through concentrating on one’s potential for change and openness to progress in order to achieve your preferred future. This allows for a focus on strength and possibilities while honoring our challenges and difficulties.


I believe that you are a resilient human being with much potential for change. It takes time, attention and focus to bring about this change, and a therapist can be very helpful in facilitating this.


I’m happy to help in this regard. Your investment in yourself will reap dividends for years to come! Contact me for a complimentary 20 minute consultation to see how I can help you strive for your highest potential.

Therapy Tools

Talk Therapy
Expressive Painting
Imagination Games
Musical Instruments and Music Therapy
Two Chair Technique
Role Playing
Environmental Art
Mindfulness Meditation
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Art Therapy
Movement and Dance Therapy
Poetry and Creative Writing
Emotional Wheel
Vision Board
Image Diary
Letter Writing
Face Masks
Sand Tray
Comic Strips
Fabrics and Textiles
Gratitude Jar
Expressive Arts Games
Art Journaling
Yoga and Qi Gong