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I have worked with Tracey, both online and at her office space. I find our focusing and expressive arts sessions to be extremely interesting and they always create surprising insights into areas of my life where I feel stuck and unproductive. Tracey is committed and very supportive. She is intuitive and flexible in whatever form our sessions take, creating it so it really works for me. I highly recommend her gentle approach when you are ready to move forward in your life.

Karen R

Mills Bay

I have been working with Tracey for over a year now. Tracey works in a very intuitive way. I always felt very safe with her and in a warm and loving place. She really helped me dive deeper into topics that I had explored years ago through talk therapy, but arts therapy provided a completely different approach that really gets to the root of the issue. I found knowledge in my intuition and in my subconscious. I worked with Tracey on the things that were holding me back. Some old issues came up and we also discovered some new ones that needed healing. This was exciting work and helped me on a creative level. Tracey was great at guiding me into my unconscious where I was able to connect to my inner child in a very playful, yet deep way. In the end, I found this to be as effective as talk therapy if not more and unlike talk therapy (which can make one anxious), this is more fun and exploratory.

Since I lived far away from Tracey, she suggested we do online counselling using Zoom. At first I was hesitant whether it would work, but I gave it a try and I was excited to find out that I felt close to Tracey; it was like being in the same room. I didn’t miss anything! Also this was my first experience with arts therapy and at first, I was worried whether I would be good at drawing, but in the end, it didn’t matter. Art is a product of my experience in the therapy and although I was quite proud of the works I created, I came to realize that technical proficiency wasn’t of importance. What a nice surprise! I have really enjoyed my sessions with Tracey and will continue working on myself with her help and guidance.

Tajana P

North Vancouver

Tracey, thank you. Thank you for going out of your way, helping after hours and motivating me to persevere. Thank you for actually making me feel special, with individual needs instead of making me feel like another head in the herd. You broke through my own personal bubble, allowing me to open up as you led me to resources that were a perfect fit for me. That is no small achievement. I am writing you because I truly, with all sincerity, appreciate what you have done for me. By treating me with care and consideration, you have inspired and helped me to find my own direction and purpose. For the first time, I can remember a future that is filled with possibilities and excitement.

Richard F


I have had a few sessions with Tracey online, and I would really recommend her. Tracey is resourceful, caring, and fun. Tracey is resourceful because she has a great set of coping tools that she shares for your own situation, and Tracey is caring because she always listened to me and always took my situation seriously, rather than lightly, and she always checked up on me by sending messages just to make sure that I was doing ok. And Tracey is fun because her bubbly personality brought out amazing conversations. She really motivated me, and brought back passion to my life.

Manisha J


Tracey is a very caring therapist who is also an incredible patient listener. She has helped me to be able to voice my feelings either through calming meditation or visual art therapy. As an artist, I wanted to try art therapy and found Tracey's approach with art visualization very inspiring. If I am struggling with something, I just need to visualize an art piece that she had me do and that helps keep me in focus. I am looking forward to more sessions with Tracey as she helps me continue to focus on health goals as well as my own art goals.

Anne W


My sessions with Tracey have been amazing. It has helped me take it to the next level. I’ve learned to breathe and stay calm in challenging situations and it has helped me overall in my role as a mother and also just in general when dealing with every day moments. I am a much calmer person now than just a few months ago.

Ayoe L


Tracey has been an incredible support for my son (age 9). I was nervous about his feelings toward therapy and after the first session he said how much he loved it! He has been eager for every session and has communicated how great it feels to be able to talk to her and let out his feelings. I have noticed big changes with him since starting with Tracey, he has been a lot better at processing his feelings, communicating with me and opening up about things that may be bothering him. Its as though she's instilled a "think before action" mentality with him which is something I have been trying to achieve for years - she's done it in a couple of months!
From a parents standpoint it is so reassuring to me that he feels comfortable and able to share with her. That he feels heard and his feelings validated. I feel incredibly grateful for having had Tracey referred to me as I feel I have done the very best for my son in getting him the support he needs during a transitional period in his life.

Thank you Tracey!!

Sarah B


Tracey is an angel, I’ve had so much personal growth since I have started therapy with her. She is so empathetic and compassionate and I love that she isn’t your typical type therapist, she uses a holistic approach that caters to you as a person. I love my meditation sessions with her and have had so much personal growth since I started my journey with her. Thank you, Tracey!


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