This TED talk was referred to me by my expressive arts therapist. A discussion initiated by Elizabeth Gilbert, the writer of the extremely successful book “Eat, Pray, Love”, touches on the creative genius in each and every one of us.
A favourite moment in the talk is the story of American poet Ruth Stone feeling and hearing a poem coming down towards her…Or she’d miss it, and the poem would continue on looking for another poet. I loved this story because I too like to believe that creativity chases us down and floods through us when we can quiet our minds, keeping in mind that unfortunately the timing is not always ideal – and at times, an idea presents itself to us at an inopportune moment when we are nowhere near paper and pen. I equate this process to being similar to downloading little programs, bit by bit, getting into the flow of things and at times, transforming into a transcendent experience when the starts align and it seems that time stops. As Elizabeth Gilbert says, we can put it out to the universe for our works of art to become better, but our job is to just keep showing up doing our job. We are all creative beings, not just the artistic person for whom it comes naturally. It is our right to own our brilliance and to step up to the stage of inspired genius.

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