“Keystroke by keystroke, he types his latest masterpiece”. Who would have thought…with a typewriter no less.

Paul Smith is an inspiration to us all, and illustrates that there really are no limitations when it comes to making art, except the limits of our imagination. Art can come in all forms, even where you least expect it!  I would never have thought to use a typewriter to create imagery, but this fellow has overcome his physical limitations of cerebral palsy and discovered a unique art form.

I love this video because it reminds me that we are all special and unique. There is and will never be anyone exactly like you. This applies to your talents. You have a unique gift, shaped by your own life experiences, and it is the gift we have a responsibility to share.

I believe that this is a challenge that we can all choose to rise to: to nurture our own creativity, in our own way and develop our individual strengths, even in the face of our limitations and hardships. This man is proving that it is possible, despite the odds, to overcome trials and tribulations through curiosity, commitment and the through the practice of a craft we can call our own.


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