I am a big believer in the power of art, not only in terms of its capacity to heal but also to integrate emotions and express feelings. But what about the time honoured craft of doodling? Sunni Brown uses amusing and entertaining examples that argue for the value and use of visual language and doodling in workplace. Once a forbidden muse conceived of as a time waster, instead research is illustrating that the art of doodling impacts how we solve problems in a beneficial way. In a culture so focussed on verbal communication, doodling is now being recognized as a powerful tool of spontaneous mark making that helps us think and process information. We come by it naturally as children, until we reach age 10 and the written word takes over. I myself am more comfortable writing out my thoughts and reflections rather than doodling, but as of recent, I am making a greater effort to draw my intentions and ideas on paper. But don’t take my word for it! Watch this video, and open your mind to a world of scribbles, sketches and fiddles.